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Nov 23, 2010

Selamat Berjuang Skuad Hoki Negara!!!

Tepat 5.30 ptg ni
Skuad Hoki Negara akan berjuang menentang pasukan Hoki India..(wahhh India tuu)
it's ok!!we can challenge n d most important thing must confident  plus berjuang habis-habisan even India Sangat KUAT!!

uppp..for those still dun't knoe yet, our  Malaysian hockey team will fight with Indian hockey team in semi finals 4 Asian Games!!please do support them k!!

rite after 5.30pm, I will in a bit rushing (a bit jee daddy!!hee) to reach home as fast as I can..(but still if i'm not rushing pon, still have to used 10mins+5mins including amik aqil at Makcik's house) plus minus just missed in about 15mins of the game jee...It's ok la kan instead of tak dapat tgk langsung!!(i'm a big fan of hockey,football,badminton n other games which taking parts in asian games,commonwealth,olympic-rs rugi kalo tak dpt tgk Malaysian beraksi..huuuu)

so guys...dun missed out ya!!!Go Malaysian Go!!!

Notes: Actually, saya tak reti pon main hockey!!heeee..but sgt minat tgk even tak reti tp sy faham the way n the rules of the game!!so ok la kan!!hikssss....

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