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Tabung Aqil's Junior


Daddy was born at 13th March 1984..His hometown was at Simpang 4, Alor Star Kedah..

Nothing we can share about daddy much because he's such an introvert person n nothing special about him!!hihihi..Dun get mad ya daddy..He got no sibling with one mak n one abah but definitely he got 1 lil brother n two younger sisters with different mom n one abah..ouh!!how complicated are they...Daddy's mak was passed away three years ago and now he's just have a lil family to look up ..

Daddy is now working with Carrier Corp Petroleum Sdn Bhd as an Operation Support Manager for 7 months and still continuing until now. He's also Prudential agent as Wealth Planner. Any inquiry regarding insurance, you can directly contact him.

Daddy's interest were kumpul CD cetak Rompak banyak-banyak sampai penuh satu bilik TV, n playing games...(got PSP,PS2,PS3,Xbox..but yg tinggal hanya PSP n PS3 sahaja yg len suma dah jual)..

Daddy is hard fan of SONY brand...yup every electronics componen in our house was made from SONY!!huhuhu...high taste a bit...hihihi..
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