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Tabung Aqil's Junior

Jan 24, 2011

Birthday Party!!

SAbtu lepas ade birthday party!!!And Aqil enjoy with that...BIrthday sape??hihihi..Birthday anak sepupu daddy..depa duduk kat belakang rumah je..(not quite belakang rumah but still can so-called belakang rumah..n we all in one taman)..huhuhu..

Ajiq was Aqil's dua pupu..
He has some mixed face and he's soo cuteee!!geramm tau kalau setiap kali jumpa dia...
Ajiq's 1st Birthday was at 18 January 2011..(,,same birthdate with Mommy la)..yup!!Indeed..we both shared the date..heheehhe...
Majlis was started at 2.30-5.30pm in between which after Asar got Bacaan Doa Selamat by Org surau..
and Majlis was ended at 6 pm +++..
Enjoy the pcs ya...

Birthday Cake

Birthday Boy!! Muhammad Fazdriq Habri..

Cutting Cake ceremony

BUdak Comot!!!

Captured by Pak Lang Tip

 ***Nak update birthday celebration for Mommy's birthday but LUPE bawak USB wire..arghh tension!!Nanti ya..Stay Tuned!!
**** Plus..Yesterday we went to ZOO NEGARA!!heee..AGAIN..LUPE USB gk..InsyaALLAH..kalo sempat, ptg ni saya UPDATE yer...(uisshhhh lama betul tak update blog!!rindu!!)

***All pics credited to MOhdLAtiffMukhtar..(cousin daddy)

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