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Jul 28, 2010

Ada Apa dengan 31 July 2010??

Hurm...Ada apa dengan 31st July yang bakal menjelma tak lama lagi ni??heheheh...Sudah tentu rumah mak abah saya akan mula dipenuhi jiran tetangga,saudara mara, adik beradik dan sahabat handai..Kerana sudah pasti kakak saya yang kedua akan menamatkan zaman bujangnya pada hari tersebut..tak sabarnya rasa..saya pulak yang terlebih excited...heheheh...Come..Let's check out the list so that kita akan sama-sama terasa bahangnya...huhuhu...

Majlis Perkahwinan Nurul Azura & Mohd Shukri

1)When will be the Wedding Reception held?
31 July 2010 at 8 p.m.

2) The Venue will be....
Dewan Serbaguna Percint 16, Putrajaya

3) How many Jemputan was invited?

4) What's the theme colour?
Bride n Groom will be in Peach
All relatives (female) will be in Pink
All relatives (male) will be in White~Baju Melayu ok!!

5)Who's Mak Andam and From which Boutique?
Kak Rose From JR Boutique.. Her Sentuhan was so adorable and make us looks stunning!!Hopefully angah will be the beautiest Bride ever seen..InsyaALLAH...

6) Catering or Home cook?
of course Catering Lorr... And it's from Mutiara Services Catering...

7) When will be the Solemnization Ceremony held?
31 July 2010 at 10 a.m.
The Venue will be at My Mom's House at Kajang, Selangor...

8)How much Hantaran have been agreed by both sides?
If Dulang 13 vs 11
If 'Duit", you may ask the Bride lor..i cant disclose it here...heheheh...

9) What's the Theme Color have been chosen for Solemnization Day?
Black n White...Like Beauty and the beast...hihihi...

10) How About wedding dress?Is it Borrow from Mak andam or Sewing their own Dress?
Not Borrow and she's not goin to sewing thier own dress though (gila ape?pengantin jahit baju sendirik)hihhih..She actually just hired our Mak Su to sewing for her dress including all accecories..And all have been done but a bit dissapointed because it's not as we expected..(not lawa as we all want) hihihi..Pity to the bride of course even all materials for kain bought and was came from Jakarta's ok sis!!Still Looks Beauty with altered dress by our Mom oso...Dun worry...

11) Theme Color for Hantaran will be...
Angah's side: White+Pink
His Side: Red+WHite

What else haaa?hurmm my ideas was finish here..btw, i want share Bride n groom's room...jeng..jeng..jeng...hehehe...

simple rite??but nice... i'm lovin it!!!
arghh..I Cant wait for 31 July 2010... *sigh*

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